Re: Gall Bladder Removal

From: Jawana Coleman (
Wed Jun 21 11:24:24 2006

I had an emergency gall bladder removal over a year ago and it was done laparascopically. The surgeon did remark on the adhesions he had to cut through to get to ti but it didn't stop him from doing so. I guess it depends on how many adhesions you have and where they are. Only other problem is developing adhesions where the gall bladder once was.

At Sat, 17 Jun 2006, Sara Tucker wrote: >
>Hi! I just learned that my gallbladder must be removed. A friend of
>mine who also suffers from adhesions told me I cannot have it removed
>laparascopically. She said that not only she but another friend of hers
>with adhesions had to have a full fledged surgery because of the
>adhesions. This of course only caused more adhesions.
>Anyone else know anything about this?
>Sara in Denton

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