Question About Obstructions

From: Amy (
Wed Jun 21 11:23:30 2006

Hi Everyone, How is everyone doing? Ok, maybe someone can answer me. Both of my doctors- the family physician and the Gastro doctor both seem to disagree on obstructions.

I have adhesions, and back in July of 1998 is when I had my 1st Bowel Obstruction, so I know what it feels like. Everyday lately, I keep having attacks of pain that seems like what it does with an obstructions about 1-1 1/2 hours after eating anything. The pain seems to increase and decrease in like a wave like pattern- gets really bad for a minutes then backs off a bit, then worse and so on... Plus I also start getting nausea, distended belly, and even diharrea sometimes too.

My question is can someone have a bowel obstruction everyday that clears up on it's own? Years ago the 1st bowel obstruction cleared up on its own after days.

Right before the 1st bowel obstruction, in May of 1998 I had a hysterectomy.

Anyways, the Gastro doctor said that obstructions can clear up on their own. He said something about how the adhesions move around in different positions. So, it could be obstructing me for awhile and then moving around and clearing it up. The family doctor doesn't seem to believe someone can have a bowel obstruction everyday. Also, just in August of last year-2005, I more surgery to have my Gallbladder removed due to Gallstones, and after that, I for sure had another obstruction and the family doctor didn't seem to think I had one going on, but sent me for xrays and the xrays did show I have one.

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