Adhesions to stomach muscles?

From: Amanda (
Sat Jun 17 15:56:19 2006

Hi, I had surgery for Crohn's disease 2 years ago and about a year ago I had a horrible spasm in my stomach muscle while doing sit-ups (which I used to do a lot of) and haven't been able to use my stomach muscles at ALL since then. If I do, they go into horrible spasm, sometimes lasting several days.

The pain is very intense and feels like my muscles are ripping and someone is cutting them with a knife. My muscles are contracted so tight that they are sticking straight out of my abdomen and I cannot move, sometimes for several hours until they stop contracting. Please help!! MY GI dr. said it's probably adhesions but I don't know what to do. Should I go back to my surgeon? I am scared to death of having another surgery. Won't another surgery just cause more adhesions? Will this ever go away? I am in fear all the time of using my stomach muscles too much for fear that they will spasm again. Help!!

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