Re: bowel obstruction and fiber in diet

From: Jeff (
Tue May 9 21:35:11 2006

I'm a 36 yr old male & have suffered from adhesion related bowel obstructions all my life- caused from a ruptered appendix @ 3 yrs old. In fact I'm now recovering from 2 major surgeries from obstructions- 1 in Feb & 1 in March '06. I, like you, have been drinking lots of water, eating a high fiber diet & excercise- it seems to have helped since being home from the hospital almost 2 months now. I was also confused when I read something about eating a diet low in fiber to help food move thru easier for people who suffer from SBO. That contradicts everything my doctors told me and what I've read. For now, I don't see a need to change what I'm doing since it does seem to be helping.


At Mon, 1 May 2006, Peter wrote: > >Hello, All. I've spent HOURS online trying to research dietary and >other preventative measures (if such exist) for recurring bowel >obstructions, especially those that can cause perforation. I had >surgery about 8 months ago from a bowel obstruction caused by unknown >adhesions. The bowel perforated, so they had to perform surgery. >Serious stuff. A few months following the surgery I started having some >intermitant abdominal pains that a doctor explained was probably scar >tissue.

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