More tests...more waiting!

From: Jeanette Chamberlain (
Tue May 9 21:34:21 2006

Hello all!

Well, I went in for my consultation/exam for the prolapsed bladder. I do have a Phase 1 Prolapsed bladder which means that it isn't drooping badly enough to have reached the vaginal opening yet. I have to go in for a Urodynamics test on May 23rd and a Cystoscopy on June 4th. There was talk of

a pessary which I absolutely will no do. I have enough things to deal with without having to worry about a foreign object being inserted.

In short...more waiting...more indecision...more frustration...

I feel so tired. Why does every little step have to take months??? Like you I hurt. My meds usually keep the pain down pretty well but not always. I have breakthrough days where the pain gets through and incapacitates me. Normal bodily functions hurt from a little up to pass out stage. I know you all know all this because you are going through it to but sometimes a person

just needs to vent so please excuse my venting.

Anyway, thats what is going on with me. Thanks for "listening".

Jeanette Chamberlain

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