Upper abdominal 'twinges/tugging'

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Hi Jane,

I know exactly how you feel - I had part of my lung removed Jan 2004 and have been having these feelings ever since - I had reduced lung capacity befoe the surgery from ARDS from a near fatal auto accident. Now it is even worse - my pulmonologist keeps trying new asthma medication but nothing makes it any better. I've made a copy of the letter to the doctor from this website and am taking him a copy. I've also lost a lot of weight because even eating a little bit makes me feel very full - I've only half joked that when they took out my lung they must have taken some of my stomach while they were in there. Only it's no joke.

I've only just found this website and I know from the message that you probably won't see this for awhile but it really helps reading your mail and telling my story. >
>Well, it's been almost 7 years since I had a ruptured appendix with
>peritonitis and sepsis. I'm still suffering from upper right abdominal
>"twinges/tugging" feelings and pain. I'm wondering whether adhesions
>can "tighten up" your abdominal cavity and make you feel full. It's
>getting to the point where I get a feeling that I can't take a deep
>breath and feel so uncomfortable when I lay down. It seems like I can
>actually feel "something" on the right side underneath my ribcage. Just
>wondering if anyone else can relate to this. Also wondering just what
>peritonitis does to our "insides".

LaVerne Hutchins

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