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From: Holly (
Mon May 1 23:11:28 2006

Hi Stephanie, I am new as well to this board/site. i have been told by many docs that adhesions aren't painful, and yes, surgeons are reluctant to go in and remove them. Mine all started with an umbillical hernia, then gallbladder removal is where my surgeon found adhesions. they grew for no apparent reason. that surgeon separated them since she was in there already, but they seem to have grown back, with a vengence like yours, after about a year of less severe pain. Now I have been back on the pavement trying to find docs who 'get it', and have had the 'I don't know' answer from many. It's a rotten road, but you may have to keep looking for the 'right' doc. i understand about depression and pain management.

i have found it is really helpful to get those 2 things under control while you are looking for ways, options to fix the actual problem. my depression is better, but pain mgmt not so great. my life has become so small, and i can't really do the things i love - trying to make it to work is about all I have energy for, and there's fatigue and stress just waking up in the morning. you may want to try docs who are in Women's clinics or centers. I have found them to be more empathetic and understanding of the pain we go through. I have recently found a good one,who understand adhesions, so I am hoping she can help. she has referred me to a new surgeon, so that's the drill.

if you are not already seeing a pain therapist, or someone for depression, I hope you will consider that. it really really helped me. I am still desperate, but am not yet ready to throw in the towel. hang in there!

cheers, Holly

At Fri, 14 Apr 2006, Stephanie wrote: >
>I have been reading these messages, and thought I was the only one that
>was going through this awful pain. I too have had many surgeries on my
>belly and have adhesions. I went in 3 yrs ago and had the adhesions
>removed and low and behold, about 6 months ago, pain was back with a
>vengence. I have back problems as I am in a lose, lose
>situation. There are days when I feel like just throwing in the towel.
>I went to the general surgeon again yesterday, and he doesn't feel
>"comfortable" going in and removing the adhesions. He said the risks
>are too high...I said......."ok, so if you don't go in and take them out
>then I my bowels rupture......and if you do, maybe you will run into
>complications. I feel like I am being pulled at both ends." He just
>shook his head and said, "I don't know

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