Re: Help with Abdominal Pain

From: ruthMcLemore (
Mon May 1 23:07:40 2006

I had adhesions They are from scar tissue from surgeries. I had endometriosis adhesions. This was from the endometreosis inside of my uterus that got outside. It wrapped around everything inside of my pelvic region and went up into my liver and pancreas. If you are having pelvic pain get help. Dont stop until you do.

At Mon, 3 Apr 2006, tami schneider wrote: >
> Also have them check for I.C. I also had a
>Hystorectomy, 6 years though for me. I had Adenomyosis
>(inside out Endo.) I never got bettter either. I also
>have that stabbing pain in the lower right quadrent. I
>have a diagnosis of Vulovdynia, and Pelvic Floor

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