Bowel Obstructions Everyday?

From: Amy (
Mon May 1 23:06:45 2006

Hi Everyone, How is everyone doing? My name is Amy, I'm 28, and in alot of pain. I also have 2 chronic illnesses- Fibromyalgia and Addisons. I'm also having problems with Adhesions.

I was wondering if it is possible for someone to be having either partial or complete bowel obstructions occuring almost everyday? My family phsycian, who I see every month due to having Addisons(my adrenal glands don't work anymore, so I have to take a steroid for it the rest of my life). Anyways, the family physician doesn't seem to think someone can have a bowel obstruction happen everyday. But I keep feeling that I am having it happen. The last appointment I had with the gastro doctor- he seemed to agree that someone can have obstructions everyday.

The thing is I know what an obstruction feels like because back in July 1998, I had my 1st bowel obstruction. Which I had no idea what was going on, until I went into the doctor, and they took xrays and sent me to the hospital. But just before the obstruction, a couple months before in May of 1998, I had just been through surgery having a hysterectomy. Before that, I have had a few laporoscopies. I also have just recently back in August of 2005, had more surgery- my Gallbladder removed due to Gallstones.

Anyways, almost everyday, especially for the past year or so, I keep having these terrible attacks of abominal pain that feel exactly like an obstruction. The pain keeps increasing in intensity in a wave like pattern. Like it will get worse and really sharp stabbing pains for a few minutes or so, then ease up a little, get worse, ease up and so on. Years ago, I did vomit, but when I got phenergan in my system through shots, it was controlling the vomiting. Now I get nausea all the time, but I'm also taking phenergan all the time now due to nausea caused by the Fibromyalgia and Addisons going on. Anyways, another symptom that keeps happening along with the obstruction pains is my abdomen gets distended too. This past September I did have an obstruction that was in my colon. Years ago it happend in the small bowels. This one that happened back in September, the family doctor didn't seem to think I was having an obstruction, but sent me for xrays. It showed I was obstructed. I think partial though.

Because with that one, for days I kept feeling weird- the pain kept lasting all day for days and after every meal, kept getting worse and my abdomen kept blowing up too, and like things were just sitting in my stomach for a long time. Plus kept having diharrea too. My family phsycian now keeps asking me if I'm having bms. Which she thinks since I'm having a bm, that I'm not obstructed. Me and my mom keep reading that diharrea can happen. Plus things we keep reading too is you may or may not be vomiting, depending on the location of the obstruction. The family doctor keeps saying I will for sure be vomiting.

So, what do I do to convince her that I'm having an obstruction everyday that I get these attacks of pain and stuff that feels exactly what happend years ago when I had the 1st obstruction. I wasn't sure if it's possible to keep having obstructions that are clearing up on it's own after a couple hours or so. It did happen years ago with the 1st one I was put in the hospital for, and it cleared up without having to do surgery.

Plus we also keep reading about how serious bowel obstructions can be and can cause death. Don't seem to understand why the family doctor doesn't seem to be more concerned that I'm having obstructions everyday. I'm just so happy that I have my mom here to care for me. She is very supportive. See you all later. Take Care, Amy

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