Re: Abdominal pain and bladder

From: Kaycee (
Mon May 1 21:56:55 2006

I have had abdominal and bladder pain for over a year now and not a single doctor canfind out what is wrong with me. I have not worked for seven months do to pain. I just recently found a job and started it last week April 3, 2006. Everyday I wake up hoping that I can make it through the day because this pain gets so unbearable. I also do a lot of standing and lifting at my job. Sometimes this pain radiates down my legs and into the back of my calves. In May of 05 had a laproscopic done to see if I had a cyst on my ovary because they thought that this is what could have been causing my pain. As it turned out there was not a cyst, but they found adhesions. Could these adhesions be causing me all this pain? They also think that it could be endometriosis that is sitting on top of my bladder. I am constantly going back and forth to the bathroom (frequent urination, and always feel that I have to go to the bathroom even when I am done). LIke I said I have been to several doctors and don't know what to do anymore. HELP!~ I am stuck.

Thank you so much.

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