Re: chances of adhesions returning?

From: Christina (
Mon May 1 21:46:05 2006

hi anne, well when i feel my tummy (still sensitive from hyst) its hard in some spots and soft in others. my back has really been hurting since the hyst, but i figure its because i'm still recovering. i'm not sure if he used a barrier because it didn't work the last time i used it. i have my 6 week check up in may and i'm going to ask him. i really hope that i don't get them again but i'm sure i will. very frustrating. :( thanks for your reply, christina

At Fri, 14 Apr 2006, Ann Marie Endres wrote: >
>Hi there,
>I to have had 2 c-sections and hysterectomy and adhesions. I had my first
>c-section (emergency) in 1994 and was fine except for the ovulation pain
>and period pain. My second c-section was a planned one 4 weeks early. At
>the time of that c-section I had to have an emergency hysterectomy. They
>left my ovaries in for obvious reasons. Six weeks after that surgery the
>pain started.

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