Re: chances of adhesions returning?

From: Jan The WebWench (
Mon May 1 21:45:27 2006

Christina, I'm sorry but I have to agree with Robin.

I had a Total hysterectomy (Endo) in 2004, at which time the GYN 'removed' adhesions... 6 months later, I was back having another laparotomy, she found more endo but many more adhesions on my bladder, bowel etc. She applied 'interceed' at that time. Within a month or two I was having abdominal pain & bowel problems again.

>From the second laparotomy in Dec., I was still complaining of odd
incision site/area related pain into September. I still have that wierd almost numb but also sort'a sensitive sensation near the scar.

Hope your good days outnumber the bad! Jan

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