ok whats going on

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I also had surgery with Dr. Redan and in Germany. I have the adhesions back. Of course there are days that I want to have surgery tomorrow but I hold off knowing that the next surgery could make them worse.  I wouldn't advise anyone to have surgery over and over.  Maybe if you are trying a new technique but there are those that have had several surgeries and they end up in horrible shape. It is your own personal choice but if you are having surgery, please at least go to a specialist.

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The answer to your question is YES! It depends on each individual circumstances. I have had 13 surgeries in all and yes I too know that the adhesions are back again and there is something we all can do. That is to support each other on this website and help each other out when we can. I know that there is going to be an adhesion clinic developing in the near future in the Orlando Florida area very soon. I know this becase my last surgery was with Dr.Jay Redan in Celebration Florida near Orland and he is one of the best adhesion surgeons I have ever met. He informed me that all adhesion barriers do not work period. Even in Germany. I had the gasless surgery Dr.Redan performed and it was great!

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