Re: Viseral Massage

From: lynne (
Wed Mar 22 18:49:18 2006

I have had several abdominal surgeries, most recently an abdom.hysterectomy. However, I found that abdom. swelling (esp. at night) and back pain were still problems. Started PT for some back issues, but they also wanted me to try viseral maasage, in case the swelling was caused by lympathic blockage (cpmman with chemo patients). The therapist was well trained and only did vm once every two weeks, to no more than 3 abdom. organs, for about 15-20 minutes. She asked me to tell give her feedback the following week. I noticed that I had to urinate ritght after the session, even though my bladder was just emptied and made many trips to the restroom that night and the next day. I didn't notice a whole lot more, except that the swelling went way down and I felt less abdom. pain. The procedure was only mildly uncomfortable. I think it helped.

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