I just had the Exploratory/Lap.

From: Sean (zenspace_296@hotmail.com)
Wed Feb 15 21:17:48 2006

Hey guys and gals,

I just had surgery to remove adhesions from Crohns Disease surgery back in 1995. The surgery was performed by Dr. Raymond Martin III at Saint Thomas Hospital in Nashville last Friday. I sit here a week and 2 days later in pain writing my experiences. After 3 years of tests and different meds, the surgeon says that I had 2 1/2 inches ofscar tissue wrapped around my colon and stomach. They used a barrier like mesh to prevent the adhesions from coming back. THIS SURGERY IS PAINFUL!! Before you make the decision to have the surgery make sure you are mentally ready for the challange. You will have pain and alot of it. The good thing is that I am almost off pain meds altogether. Just need to keep telling myself that every day is a day closer to living without pain.


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