Been told I have to learn to live with it

From: Kaz (
Wed Feb 15 21:17:06 2006

Hi everyone,

I found out on the 11th Jan that I have adhesions after having a diagnostic laparoscopy to find out the cause of the pains I've been getting.

I had an emergency c section when my Daughter was born 14 months ago and have suffered from pain in my left lower sbdomen from roughly a month after the op.I also suffer from really bad period pains and sex now hurts like hell the same with any internal examinations.

The lap showed that the worst adhesions are from the caesarean scar and they have stuck my womb to my abdominal wall and also pulled everything upwards (the Doc tried to do a smear test whilst I was in theatre but she couldn't find my cervix at all no matter what she did (or so she said lol).I then had some problems with the other chronic pain condition I also suffer from as my left leg went numb when I came round from the anaesthetic and in the end the Docs seemed more bothered by that than anything else.So I spent 4 days longer than I should have in hospital waiting for the feeling to come back in my leg.

I was told that I'd be getting no follow up apt at the Hospital so I went to see my GP this morning and she explained to me what adhesions are and what was going on inside me but pretty much told me that it's something I'm gonna have to learn to live with it.

The only way I can get pregnant is through fertility treatment and even though I feel very lucky to have my little Daughter I was going to try for baby number 2 this year but if my cervix is now M.I.A I've got no chance of getting pregnant as I won't be able to have the IUI's done.

Sorry for the moan and whinge but I'm not sure what or where I should be going from here.I already suffer from another chronic pain condition that I've had for the last 14 years and I don't know how much more pain I can deal with.

Thanks Kaz

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