physical therapy

From: nancy (
Mon Feb 13 08:30:36 2006


I have seen a pain management Dr, been going to physical therapy for the last 6 weeks, i am really surprised that it is helping, now instead of my back and hip hurting all the time, i have only the source or my pain, scar tissue from adhesions, endo, and surgerys. had my last surgery just before Christmas, no new endo, main cause of pain was from my bowel adhering to my pelvic sidewall, did use Interceed this time, was pain free for a few days, but by my 2 week checkup pain was back, so off to pain management I went. Dr said that my back and hip pain was from conpensating for the pelvic pain. I have 2 more weeks of pt, then back to Dr. My feeling is that as long as I continue with the exercises, my pain will remain only in my pelvic sidewall, I assume that we will address that issue my next appt. Wish me luck. Nancy

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