Re: looking at adhesion surgery. need links

From: Kelly Moore (
Thu Dec 29 22:11:58 2005

At Fri, 26 Dec 2003, Judy Kemp wrote: >
>May seem like a stupid question - but are you sure you have a UTI -
>meaning has your urine been sent out for culture? There can be UTI
>symptoms without bacteria. A thing called interstitial cystitis
>mimicks UTIs almost exactly, feels better with antibiotics, but comes
>back after because it is not really a bacterial thing. Also,
>endometriosis on the bladder can give symptoms of UTI.

Kelly Moore wrote: Dec 26 05.
This is real,Adhesions are painfull. Mine were do to prior surgerys,
3 of them in a 13 year span.

The first surgery was the removale of my uterus, 13 years ago. The second surgery I had my right ovary, a large cyst and massive amounts of adhesions remove.

On Dec 2nd.05 I had my third operation they remove my left ovary, the same painfull situation.

For this last operation I had undescrible back and leg pain, and was being treated for blulding disc L4 & L5,for 6mo. This pain was caused from the adhesions pressing on my spine. The sad thing is that this problem goes unreconnized, because the fact is adhsions are to hard to detect.

So ladies if you find your self in this kind of sitution go see your GYN. And request to have a laperoscopy. Adhesions can not be found from X-Rays,MRI or CTS

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