low back pain

From: Melody (mbyrne@paddocklabs.com)
Tue Dec 6 23:32:32 2005

Just wondering if anyone has had low back pain due to the adhesions.I developed a very bad pain in my lower right back on 11/27 - very sore to the touch and swollen - it just came out of the blue with no reason for onset and has been getting worse - I went to Chiro for 2 treatments (ultra sound and ice) and they wanted me to be checked out by my DR to rule out issues with my bowel as I have a SBO due to the adhesions since Feb 05 - since I did not respond to chiro treatment and OTC meds and I can't get in with my DR until next week I went to Urgent Care last night - the first words out of the Dr. mouth were "I have read your chart and all of our clinics are connected and I am not giving you any pain meds" - since I didn't even ask for anything and she said that before even talking to me I of course was shocked and insulted - she looked at me for about 2 minutes and said "must be a muscle spasm" and gave me some muscle relaxers - I am in extreme pain when I stand or sit - if I lay flat on my stomach I am better - I have been having limited bowel movements over the last few weeks and am concerned it could be connected - I am not vomiting nor do I have the crampy pain I have had in the past with an obstruction I am not quite sure what to make of this - apparently the docs have decided I am just seeking meds.how sad that a person in pain is treated like this - but it isn't the first and I am sure it won't be the last.

Any comments are welcome!!


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