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Thanks...I think it is time to be re-evaluated by someone else. I have no uterus or cervix as I have had a hysterectomy and I only have one ovary. The side with no ovary gives me more problems than the other side with one. I had an "attack" yesterday that scared my son half to death!

I'm so tired of how this is effecting everyone around me! Fortunately my kids and husband are loving and helpful. The episode only lasted maybe 20 minutes, but I could not lay down or sit down as this makes the pain worse. It is so bad I can hardly breathe and feel like I am going to throw up! I've had these things last for up to an hour and almost pass out from it. This one was brought on by having a bowel movement, but sometimes it happens when I eat.

I'm down to eating little or nothing as everything seems to set it off and I have no clothes that fit me I've lost so much weight. My Dr.s really don't seem phased by any of this. thanks for letting me rant! Lisa

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Yes, adhesions can cause the symtoms you are having without a doubt. Of course your bowel and uterous are in close proximity to each other and if there are adhesions they can bind the two together.

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