Re: Abdominal Adhessions

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Thu Dec 1 06:14:24 2005

Hey Moe, I'm sure sorry for the suffering not only you're having to do, but also for what your family is going through. I'm an RN also and am on full disability after very much the same course that you're facing. My kids know well what it's like to have their mom in the ER constantly. My kids are all grown and gone now, but I'm facing the 7th full belly surgery next week. They found several kinks and obstructions with the last battery of tests and I'm on so much pain medication, I can't even begin to face the withdrawals from it all. I've started having panic attacks and had always thought when I worked in the ER that people with panic attacks just needed to "get a life". Boy, was I ever wrong. Those things actually consume you and take away any sense of personal control. My doc gave me some Xanax to use, but I use it extremely sparingly so I don't ever get addicted to that also. I'm on Duragesic and Actiq and thinking about possibly going to the pump instead. I'm hoping that the pain will lessen greatly with this next surgery and that

I can work on getting off of everything after the surgery. I've found that there is a med called Suboxone that gets you off in a few days and have even tried it a few times over that past year. It worked pretty well, too. So, we'll see. I'll be keeping you in my prayers for the suffering you do and pray that the

second opinion will reap something promising! Rebecca

> Sender: (Marlene)
> Subject: Abdominal Adhessions
> I'm new to this site. I have been reading a lot of these messages in
> the forum. It's been amazing to me still as a medical person how much
> of problem adhessions can be for people. Especially how much pain and
> suffering people go through for something that it seems like should be
> fixable. I've watched and been in on surgeries for adhessions, but
> until I started having trouble my self?? Over the last 2 years I've had
> 4 different surgeries. The original surgery was a bowel resection for
> fistulas that we couldn't get rid of with medicine. I also had some Gyn
> stuff done at the same time. Two days later I was hemmoraging and ended
> up back in surgery.

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