Re: pregnancy after 4 c-sections

From: lisaw (
Sat Oct 29 17:27:40 2005

At Wed, 9 Jun 2004, Flame wrote: >
>I have had 4 c-sections. (The last 3 within 4 years) My doctor is
>concerned that I not have anymore children due to the severity of the
>adhesions she encountered while delivering my last baby.

I recently had my sixth c-section. First child was in '86 do to fetal destress, second child in '91 do to the old saying "once one always one" and because nobody knew wich way my inner cut was, #3 in '92, #4 in '95, #5 in '01 to wich the doctor tried to incourage me to be fixed and said he would not deliver another baby for me. A different doctor deliverd my recent #6 baby aug '05.

This time I was given more info. on the risks of having more. I was told both adhesions have bonded together, and my uterus was less than paper thin, they could see through it as clearly as a window. They said if I was to try to have another baby, my uterus could rupture killing both me and the baby. Yes you are at high risk, but the ultimate decision is yours.

I, myself, do not believe in birth controll outside of abstenence. And, although I am not a religious person, I have alot of faith. Against all odds {including my age of 40} I, myself, am planning on trying for lucky #7.

My thoughts are, How do doctors know if a woman's womb thins down as much or not when delivering naturally? Can they see if a natural bearing mother's uterus is transparent or not? Doesn't their uterus' stretch out the same as those of C-mothers?

I've read somewhere that Jackie Kennedy has had 7 c-sections. What is the most a woman has had?

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