From: Renhee White (
Wed Oct 26 23:16:03 2005

What first started out as some terrible pain in my upper right quadrant under my ribs and a stay at the hospital, has turned into a bunch of tests with no answers. I have had gallbladder removal, abdominal hernia repair, and 2 c sections in the upper area. The pain seems to be close to one of the incision scars from the gall bladder surgery. Trouble is there is pain when I eat, to the point I dont even want to bother anymore. I have had CAT scans of the liver, kidney, endoscopy, small bowel follow through, colonoscopy (where the sedation did not work) which was total hell. Now I was told an MRA before they will do exploratory to most likely find adhesions since that is usually the case. Its been almost 2 months now living on yogurt, popsicles, and sometimes some pudding. I am taking Librax because they say I also have IBS. The worst part is most people think this pain is nothing, that you are being a baby or have a low tolerance for pain. Let me tell you try a coolonscopy without sedation, childbirth was less painful. Has anyone else had these syptoms?

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