pain won't go away

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I had my ovaries left in also faith. I have had two full abdominal surgeries. One to try and salvage my uterus , and the other to take it out. They had to leave my ovaries in because I have Rheumatoid arthritis.

Regardless of that, my ovaries and their estrogen didnt help, but cause me agony twice a month because they are too active. I have a very low testosterone level also. Once you have your bad ovary out, which you should probably do, you will experience menopause.

I was induced with lupron which is an injection to catapult me into menopause to stop fibroids from growing. It was an experience I will never forget. Hot flashes, manic episodes, just a classic case. Now they have HRT which can help. Have your gyn test your FSH levels which might be overactive as well as your blood estrogen. Find out why that ovary is still so active. If I were you, I would try to get a shot of lupron to quiet that ovary first of all, and then once you are used to menopausal symptoms, have the offending thing out. Doctors do not have to live in your body, you do. You make the decison. You can take calcium supplements and either fosamax or actonel down the road if you need to.

Have a bone density done and a mammogram if you havent already. I feel for you and your pain and fatigue too. Email with any questions.

Yours, Deborah

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