Re: adhesions/adenomyosis/ questions

From: Jen (
Wed Oct 19 21:04:44 2005

This should have said " has been almost 6 weeks..." not months.

At Sun, 16 Oct 2005, Jen wrote: >However, it has been almost 6 months, and when my period ended earlier
>this week, back came the crampy, pulling pain. Pretty much like it was
>the first few months before...not nearly as severe as later...but very
>definitely the same pain.
>Now I am trying to this pain most likely adhesion pain
>again? Are they developing again? Or is this more endo this soon? Or is
>this possibly the adenomyosis that was suspected but abotu which nothing
>was done? I really doubt the adeno...because I *did* have over a month
>pain free after such awful pain for so long before. But I am trying to
>get an idea of what might be going on.
>Any thoughts or suggestions? I go back to the dr. in a few weeks, but I
>am needing to sort some of this out in my own mind *now*...after months
>of being very discouraged about the pain and physical limitations (I
>have four small children, which makes being *down* really rough), I had
>really felt *good* about being *better* now I am really fighting
>getting *down* about the cycle starting all over again so soon.
>Thanks for any thoughts or advice...

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