Re: adhesions after C-section

From: D. Ehrlich (
Sun Oct 16 11:39:33 2005

I had 2 c-sections. One in 1998 and the other 2001. With my last one, the painful intercourse started, my bladder felt like it was being pushed on and my periods became painful. Eventually the pain left me bed ridden fo 3 days for a 1 day period...if you can even called it that. I saw my OBGYN and his educated guess was Endometriosis. All of the symptoms were there. I scheduled Laparascopy and Just had it Tuesday, October 11. To his surprise, my uterus had Attached itself to my abdimen and resulted in painful sex, pressure on my bladder, back pain and so on. He is giving me a few cycles to see how I feel. Zero tollerance is his modo. IF I continue problems, he will do a partcial hystorectomy. We will see what happens.

Get another and another opinion if you can. The pain was making me go insane. I am only 35 and felt 85.

At Sun, 7 Sep 2003, carpe diem wrote: >
>I'm a 42 year old mother.

>I'm currently under treatment of an osteopath, he's the first one in
>years of a long series of doctors I've seen who thinks there MAY be
>physical reasons for my pain. He thinks there may be adhesions between
>my bladder and my vagina, causing pain when there is pressure

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