Re: SS disability

From: Bill (
Wed Oct 12 19:12:25 2005

SS disability and the process you have to go through in order to get a decision is, as you now know, extremely complex. i think they do their best to weed out the slackers who are simply trying to get a free check. what you need to do is inundate them with real, live, factual documentation that makes your case for you (if you haven't done so to this point). don't include anything that is skirts around the subject and doesn't get right into the real life story. the documentation should include letters from every doctor you've seen which includes diagnosis and their opinion. you must include all documentation from hospitals where you have had any type of procedures performed (not just surgical but especially surgical). you must include surgeons writings pre-op, surgeons writings that describe everything that was done during surgery, must include surgeons writings post-op. you must include letters from primary care physician, emergency room visits, any consults. etc. if you haven't done due diligence in terms of seeing various doctors, tried certain procedures,etc., then you have to. you are your own best advocate. no one believes in your situation as much as you do. you also must include a "cover letter" (book) from you that tells your life history since all this began. include factual findings as well as your own personal description of every single little way this DISEASE has negatively impacted your life, in detail, with emotion if it's real. you can and should include writings from *close* family and friends who have witnessed not only the changes in you from beginning to this point but also specific descriptions of incidents where this DISEASE has resulted in first hand accounts of what your family and friends experienced.

bottom line is - be complete, detailed, factual, emotional when it comes to some family and friends but don't overdue this part. create a package and have multiple copies ready to be dropped in the U.S. mail as fast as you found out it was necessary or fax it as soon as you found out it was necessary. in all cases wheren the package can be HAND DELIVERED, this is the best approach bar none. this is the main reason for having multiple copies (say, 5 at the least).

last point, find someone in the local SS office who tends to "care" about your case and will work as much as he or she can. SS disability works when you resign yourself to the fact that it is a long and complex process. don't give up. keep on keepin on.

after all this preparation, i was approved my first time out-without a lawyer. be your own best advocate. good luck !!!!

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>Hi, If I were you i'd consult a ssi lawyer, I too
>was turned down the first time i applied, ssi
>thinks i should be able to hold a job,

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