From: Susan (
Sat Oct 1 18:29:51 2005

How many here have had adhesions related to lap hernia surgery?I had lap hernia(2) surgery on June 30th.Umbilical and another one about 6"above.I still have not recovered and the other day I ate boiled peanuts and have been miserable since.If this is adhesions or another hernia,isn't it dangerous to take Metamucil.I don't understand why this wouldn't make adhesions worse.Doesn't it hurt bad to take it?I can not tolerate laxatives but would be willing to try Metamucil.I just don't see how it could keep from causing bowel obstruction.Also what dosage?Who here lives with partial bowel obstructions and how long between the time they start and resolve.I know you can live with them.Help me with what to take for the pain from these until they resolve themselves.My bowel movements are pencil thin.Before hernia surgery I had colonscopy and EGD.Both normal.Surgeon also said after hernia surgery,I only had a few adhesions.Help me.Thanks

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