Re: Social Security Disibility

From: DT (
Wed Sep 21 21:50:40 2005


I would also be very interested in learning the process you went through - do you think you could do a general post about what you went through to get disability? I'm not at that point yet but should it come to that I'dl ike to know also.


>----- Original Message ----- Sent: Sunday, September 18, 2005 7:18 PM Subject: Social Security Disibility Sender: Ann Marie Endres <> Subject: Re: Social Security Disibility > > Kelly, > > Your post gives me hope. I lost my job in March after 15 years. I have > been in and out of the hospital a lot this year and unemployment is ending > next week. I discussed SS Disability with my husband. I can't get a job > because most bosses would not tolerate the not going in because of pain. > Most people don't even get it. I need something that can work around the > pain. Can you give me any insight on what you did? Maybe if I follow > your lead I too can be approved.

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