Re: right ovary wrapped up in bowel

From: Ms Lee (
Wed Sep 21 21:45:46 2005

I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis, but glad there is a concrete explanation for your pain and problems.

I had the same problem, ovary adhesed to the bowel and took the risk of surgery and did have some serosal tears on the colon which they repaired. However, 5 years post I developed a complication [fistula] which is a communication between the small and large bowek [opening]...the adhesions did so much dense scarring in that area from may surgeries it cannot be repaired without a radical bowel resection and colostomy.

If I could have done it all over, I would have tried to get along without the surgery and maybe avoided getting 2 fistula's now.

If your condition is not truly life or death, hold off as long as you can.

God Bless, and keep us in the loop.


> . they did say that they
>didnt want to do this surgery because it was possible
>to punture my colona dn that i would have a bag and
>they want to try to see if this relieved me of pain........

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