From: International Adhesions Society (
Tue Sep 13 20:34:12 2005

From: [] On Behalf Of Kelly Murray Sent: Thursday, September 08, 2005 3:21 AM Subject: Re: Metamusil??

Does anyone take Metamusil for constipation? I have had problems with constipation for a few years now and have taken laxatives but they are too much on me.

It is 2:00 a.m. and I am up with a stomach ache. I figured that I haven't gone to the bathroom in 8 days now. I am bloated and it pulls around my bladder and tops of my legs.

If I take regular laxatives, it takes a couple of days to work then it about wipes me out. It is so painful. I get so sore in my pelvic and stomach after using them that I am hesitant in using them.

I went to my dr. last week and he told me to use Metamusil. Does anyone use this?

I am up every night with stomach pain and nausea. I am on Ambien every night but it doesn't help. I am old- school adhesion pain but still don't have the answers to things except not to have a bunch of surgeries! Kelly

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