Re: Hematoma formation after laparotomy for adhesions

From: Cindy (
Sun Jul 31 18:35:25 2005

Stacey, did you ever find anything out about a hematoma formation after surgery? I had a Lateral Release done on my left knee on 7/13/05 and I have a huge knee now that the Drs. say is full of blood. They used a needle and drained a very small amount, but said the rest is not in joint but has gone into surrounding tissue. The Dr. who did surgery left on vacation right after I had surgery and I have not been able to see him yet. I was in the hospital 2 days this week to check for a blood clot (negative) and to try to control my pain at night. I have excruciating aching in the middle of the night. It seems better when I can move during the day. I am on morphine right now and it doesn't even help stop the pain, but sometimes just knocks me out so I can finally sleep. Your post was the only thing I even found similar to my case. Please send any sites I can visit that you have found. I would greatly appreciate it. Also, I hope yours is healed by now. It shows this was in Jan of 2001, I hope so. Thanks,


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