My Update - from Rach

From: International Adhesions Society (
Sun Jul 31 18:32:47 2005

From: [] On Behalf Of Kelly Murray Sent: Thursday, July 28, 2005 10:54 PM Subject: Re: My Update - from Rach

I think adhesion surgery is a little bit different then knee surgery. There are people that have died from having so many adhesion surgeries and others that have lost kidney's etc...

Sender: (Rach) Subject: Re: My Update - from Rach

I actually have a really AMAZING pain management doctor. It doesnt matter what the pain management doc does, my adhesions progressively get worse causing me to be on such high doses of pain meds that the pain meds dont work anymore. Right now my ovary is being pulled behind my uterus & my uterus is being pulling down the wrong way.

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