Re: Pelvic Adhesions - need more information

Sun Jul 31 18:22:20 2005

I personally have been on Wellbutrin for pain relief. It doesn't always work, but it has made the pain so that most of the time I can live fairly normally.

During the times that it doesn't work my doctor gives me Darvocet. Before the Wellbutrin, I was using Darvocet and Vicoden. I wasn't sure it was working, but when I went off of it for a month, I noticed that the pain was definately worse. I hope that maybe other people could try the same thing.

My doctor has been working with me to find ways to deal with the pain, because I refuse to have them go back in until they figure out a way of getting rid of them for good.

The idea of having to have surgeries over and over again with the possibilities of damaging bowel and other things terrifies me.

At Tue, 5 Jul 2005, Rach wrote: >
>Anti-depressants work for some & not others. My doc
>claims Prozac helps a lot of his patients pain levels.

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