Re: surgery next week

From: Valerie Jones (
Mon Jul 25 20:05:57 2005

Dear Anna; Hello, My name is Valerie and I am a fellow sufferer of adhesions. I read your E-mail regarding your surgery next week. It seems to me that the doctor will be checking to see if your ovaries and/or other internal organs are adhered to other organs. This is very common in some women. I personally have had 6 surgeries to remove adhesions, and each time the adhesions return. Each time I have surgery, the surgeons have tried different procedures to fix the problem. I have not tried everything that there is to try, but I will if I can because even though the pain diminishes

some after each surgery, it is short-lived and the pain returns. My intestines have become kinked to the point that I had to have my last Laparotomy last Jan. Not all women continue to have adhesions after they have had surgery to remove them. I have heard many stories where these women

have had been cured after one surgery, and then there are women like myself where the adhesions simply refuse to stay away. Some women have had more that 10 or 20 surgeries! My faith and hope in God had certainly helped me through this. I pray that you will have a full and complete recovery after your surgery and that God will guide the surgeon's hands. Take care, God Bless, and please feel free to write back to me. Sincerely, your fellow sufferer, Valerie.

>Sender: (anna merry)
>Subject: surgery next week
>Hi and thanks to all who PM'd me-I shall get

back to you in full soon I promise!!

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