Blood and intestinal blockage

From: Odette (
Sat Jul 16 16:25:39 2005


I dont often write but thanks to the regular persons, i found some interesting answers to my problem. I have abdominal and intestinal adhesions and the problem has worsened in the last years. I actually take 10 flax seed oil and 20 colaces a day. Since a couple of weeks, i also have to either put a suppository or have an enema. Today for the first time, i had a bit of blood on my paper toilet. I get really swollen, have nausea plus of course a lot of pain. Does anybody here who had an intestinal blockage ever had blood? The last time i saw the surgeon in 2002, he told me to wait till i block completeley. That is the reason i increased my dosage of colaces and flax seed oil. I used to take zelnorm but my family doctor told me to stop it for a while. I don't know what to do. If i go to the emergency, they might just give another enema, that's why i'm waiting. Please help me!


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