My Update

From: Rachel (
Mon Jul 11 22:41:09 2005

After a constant increase in my pain & my pain meds, I have decided to go for another lap. I will be having it on August 5th. My last lap was done with Dr Reich & since he is no longer doing surgery in the US he sent me Dr Seckin. (Has anyone used him?)

I requested from Dr Seckin that a general surgeon be in on the lap in order to check my other organs for adhesions. He sent me to the doctor he deals with & I had an appointment with him last Friday. Of course, the first question out of the docs mouth was why dont I just have a hystorectomy. I tried to explain to the doc that first off I am only 34 & i only have 1 child. Granted my son is 15, but that does not mean that I am finished having kids. What if I want more? Next is the fact that a hysto is not a cure & that just because someone has a hysto does not mean they wont have pain from adhesions. Then the doc went on to tell me that adhesions do not cause pain.

I almost laughed in his face. I very politely, as politely as possible, explained to him that adhesions DO cause pain. He also went on to tell me that removing the adhesions would not necessarily give me relief. Once again I explained to him that after 14 laps I know what laps do & dont do, & that I have gotten relief from MOST of my laps. Granted, the pain has come back, but I would prefer a couple of months pain free & being able to go off pain meds, or at least lower them, rather than just going up & up on my pain meds & being bedridden most of the time. The doctor told me it is rare that a patient gets releif from a lap. I wanted to ask him what people he has spoken to. I finally got him to understand that I knew the chances of it helping & I knew what I was talking about & that I STILL wanted him to have a look see.

At least if he looks & finds adhesions I will know what I am dealing with. I dont even care if he doenst remove adhesions if he finds them. This lap is to release the pressure of my ovary & utureus, because I KNOW they are adheared & in wierd postions.

I want to know if I have adhesions anywhere else so that I can deal with them later. It was wierd trying to explain to a doc that I actually know what I am talking about.

At least he didnt tell me it was all in my head, or that I am a drug addict. He did ask me why I switched doctors so often & all that & I explained to him that I was trying to find a doctor who knows what he is doing. Also, after the first 3 years of switching constantly because I was using local docs who were regular gyns, I have had 2 docs for a couple of years each & then I swithched recently to Dr Reich & now the doctor taking over for Reich.

It was like I was being questioned for everything I did, then again, I guess that is his job, to make sure I dont get a thrill out of having surgery.

So, in the end, I have to have a colonoscopy, hopefully before my lap. Even if I don't, the lap is still taking place August 5th (hopefully).

I will have the gyn to remove the adhesions I am aware of & the general surgeon to have a look see. If the general surgeon finds anything significant, he will do something about it, otherwise it is just a look-see for now.

Sorry it is so long, but I needed to get it all down to make sure I am doing the right thing.


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