Thu Jul 7 10:53:37 2005

Hi all! I posted about 2 months ago looking for some information on doctors specializing in endometriosis and scar tissue surgery. Through this site, I found Dr. Jay A. Redan, and his co-workers at Celebration Health. I had surgery at the beginning of June at Celebration Health and I feel better than I have since my last laparoscopy!

I highly recommend Dr. Redan and his associates and nurses and office staff to anyone who has suffered with the pain of adhesions! I received the best care! The biggest relief for me though was on my first visit. After months of going from doctor to doctor being told I was crazy/psychosomatic, it was IBS, just eat more fiber, I was a drug addict, etc. etc. (I know everyone here is likely very familiar with this scenario), I finally found a doctor who walked right in, read my history, did a brief exam, and told me exactly what was wrong! The sense of immediate relief just knowing that I had a diagnosis was the best feeling I have had all year! Of course, as we all do, I worried that the surgery would prove fruitless, but it was exactly where Dr. Redan said in the initial exam! What a relief!!!

I know my problems are not as extensive as many of you here, but even Dr. Redan acknowledged that my surgery was a fairly simple one for him! Can you imagine what it is like after having a team of doctors work on you for a whole week and tell you nothing is wrong, to have a doctor come in and say - I know what your problem is and I can fix it?

I had 2 laparoscopies and a hernia operation prior to the surgery performed by Dr. Redan. The pain worsened immediately after the 2nd laparoscopy. It took 8 months of excrutiating pain and frustration to find a doctor who believed me when I said the pain started after the last surgery! I know 8 months is not a long time for many of you. So, please, if you can, keep fighting for the right answer, keep trying, don't get discouraged, don't give up! After 8 longgggg months of this I am finally pain-free, medication-free, and enjoying my life! Thank you, Dr. Redan!!!!

Carol in Florida

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