Re: Narcotics & Constipation

From: DT (
Sat Jul 2 13:40:24 2005


Colace is available over the counter but you will probably need something a little stronger. There is a product called Miralax...its polyethelene glycol (which I originally thought was the same product in radiator fluid and which absolutely cracked up my Dr. when I said that to him). This is a highly recommended product to stimulate regular movements and works well with most people and has few side effects.

The great part about it is it doesn't have an aftertaste and can be mixed with just about anything - water, juice, soda - whatever. I usually mix it in water and drink it.

Talk to your Dr. or local pharmacist... I got a prescription for it but it may be available without one.

Best of luck - this is one of the w orst parts of our disease.


>----- Original Message ----- > Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2005 12:05 AM > Subject: Re: Narcotics & Constipation > > I have a very hard time with my bowels. (Between > the adhesions and the meds, I get partial blockages > all the time. I have tried stool softeners and > laxatives and half the time they do not work well. > Is Colace over the counter?

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