Looking for a doc

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Tue May 31 17:19:27 2005

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I had the mess put in 1/8/03 when I had my complete hysterectomy.(I had 20 adhesions from the previous surgery when I had my ovary removed 6 months earlier) My adhesions grew back in different areas in my pelvis and abdomen. After the hysterectomy I went back to the original doctor crying in pain, he refused to believe that it was adhesions again. I thought I was going crazy (like we all have) thinking it was all in my head until I went in for laproscopic (lysis of adhesions) at Florida Hospital in Orlando (I got all the info on the hospital and Dr from the adhesion.org website) then I found out for sure that my adhesions grew back. I have pictures and a full surgical report on both surgeries that I will fax to you if need be so that you can see for yourself.

I prayed that I had a good chance with the doctor in Orlando because I like you was tired of being in so much pain and I was sick of taking all the medication just to get through the day but I had complications now they are back but instead of fighting Im accepting, its hard! I cry everyday!

Im in a struggle right now not from the adhesions but being able to work and live with the adhesions. I was on your mission and when I was I wish there would have been somone out there that would have just told me what Im telling you so that I wouldnt have had to go through the additional pain on top of the daily pain that we deal with but I didnt. There are woman out there that have had 28 lysis of adhesions and Im not going to be one of them, I will not let anyone gut me unless my bowel or bladder are obstructed or my life is in danger simply because I finally go it! SURGERY causes the adhesions to form not matter what procedure or mess they give you.

Im living proof for you! We all need each other to bounce things off to because the medical field is basically aloof to our condition, can you belive there were nurses that didnt even know what adhesions were! That blew my mind but my new mission is acceptance and I need to learn how Im going to maintain my standards of living and live with our condition at the same time.

If your an adhesion former your an adhesion former, it is not life threatening we are not going to die, we just need to learn and accept a new way of living. I just lost a mother friend who found out she had cancer a little before all this drama started in my life (2 years) this is okay we can handle this with grace and diginity. One thing that Ive learned is that the heating pad is my best friend when Im in pain but after 2 3rd degree burns I had to get the 2 hour shut off, and taking a Zanax along with everything calms the nerves which in turn calms the adhesions. Try not to fight it and they will simmer down. Im here for you if you need anything! I live in Florida and would love for you to reach out my phone number (deleted for privacy - please email Tammie privately to Exchange phone #).

Take it easy on yourself! Your going to be okay! Tammie

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Subject: Looking for a doc

Can anyone reccommed a good doc to do surgery

to remove the adhesions?

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