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Wed May 25 19:49:38 2005

Hi Moe,

I wanted to respond to something that you mentioned in your note - you have been running a low fever and the Dr. cant' find out why. I had very similar problem for about 6 months. I had every test imaginable and no one could find what was wrong - until surgery and the Dr. found out that there was a 10cm mass consisting of ovarian tissue (I hadn't had an ovary in my body for 10 years by that point but....) and endometrial tissue that was wrapped in adhesions and grown into my small bowel.

The fever was the result of the endometrial and ovarian tissue actually bleeding every month as though I were having a period - and then because the blood had no where to go it sat there and kept causing an infection.

I don't know if this is what is happening in your situation or if this information will be helpful to you - I just wanted you to have another point of view. :)


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> Hi Ladies!! It is Moe from Boston. I educated
> both my doctor and mother about scar tissue/adhesions
> and how detrimental it can be growing inside of
> us.

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