Quality of life.

From: Krys Chamberlain (kryschamberlain@hotmail.com)
Tue May 24 18:15:21 2005

I had radical abdominal surgery in 2000 followed by repair of surgical hernia the following year. Yes I am lucky to be alive but at what cost?

I seldom get through a week without an attack, the last one lasted for three weeks solid. There are many things I cannot digest, and I have to find out which through a process of trial and error.

I have missed many many family celebrations because of adhesions and wonder how much more I am expected to suffer. To separate them surgically is not an option because, obviously I would just then form new ones. All my specialist can offer me is "grin and bear it, there is nothing we can do". Surely somebody out there can come up with conservative treatment for this distressing complaint.

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