surgery or not

From: doreen ahearn (
Wed May 11 00:57:30 2005

dear karla, i was very sorry to read your post and all that you have been through and continue to go through. like the rest of us our lives have been turned upside down. however, the decision whether to have or not have surgery is one that must ultimately be made by each of us alone. i have been through the mill like you and refused surgery unless it was an emergency. however, besides the pain i had another motivating for seeking help. for over twelve years i have been eatig through a jejunostomy feeding tube coupled with many groshong ports and central lines.

after i met dr gerhart and had my procedure i was finally able to eat some foods. for me this was GREAT!! i guess what i am trying to say is that each one of us is an individual. yes..we each suffer from a common problem but we, as individuals, need to make decisions concerning our care based on what we feel is best for us. for me, the decision to have the scope was a good one. also, i was unhappy with pain management because i have four kids and i felt like constantly being on pain meds made me miss the better part of their lives.

however, others might be able to handle pain meds and that is great for them. in the end, i hope that each one of us finally gets the help we need to get our lives back.

good luck to you karla and i hope that you have many more good days than bad. thanks to all of you for your constant support and lets all pray for pain free days!!!doreen ahearn


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