Re: don't know how much more i can handle...

From: Margaret (
Sun May 1 15:34:14 2005

This may be a bit off base, but since you're having heart problems-if you haven't been eating right due to abdominal adhesions, make sure the doc does a *full* work up on your nutritonal status. Many docs overlook malnutrition as a cause of problems. Thiamine deficiency can quickly cause heart problems. I have to have regular B-12 shots and take supplimental vitamins because of my bowel problems and have recently had to have iron and vitamin infusions. If this not relevant please ignore. Margaret

They also ran an EKG on me which >came back abnormal..they'll discuss those options with me today too.
>All they said is that my heart wasn't pumping right. Can't wait!
>Jeanne Surdo

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