Re: Help from someone with ovarian adhesions.....

Thu Feb 24 19:59:01 2005

I just had surgery 3 days ago to remove my left ovary (it had a mass) - after the surgery my dr. told me that she couldn't even find my ovary to remove it because I had so many adhesions covering my ovary & also on my bowel. I had been having severe abdominal pain prior to this prodedure.

I could hardly have a bowel movement with out shaking, sweating & having SEVERE pain. My dr. believes that I have cancer due to the tumor marker test that I had a week ago. I will be having another surgical procedure to have a hysterectomy shortly. I am worried about developing further adhesions. I also have the thickening of my uterian wall.

At Tue, 30 Mar 2004, Jane wrote: >
>Hi Olivia,
>I had a hysterectomy for ovarian cancer on Jan. 9, 2004.

I had always had bowel problems before

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