Small Bowel Bacterial Overgrowth Question

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Hi Margaret.

Those are my exact symptoms as well. I have been suffering with adhesions for 15 years now and have had many surgeries to relieve them and complications from them such as bowel obstructions and resections. It's not fun. The best things you can do, that I've found helpful anyway is avoid any gassy foods such as broccoli, dairy products, etc. Also fried foods are a problem.

Anything spicy or in heavy sauces usually does me in also. Lean meats are best and grilled or steamed veggies. Anything I can smash up is key. Alcohol gives me heartburn bad and eating raw veggies and too many nuts causes tremendous pain.

Hope that helps. I also try to stay active, working out 4-5 times a week. It's hard with the pain and constant diarhea, but I find if i go before 10am i am better off. I do light circuit/resistance training at Curves. It's worked for me.

Best of luck and you may email me privately if you want to chat!!

hugs and prayers,


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