From: Jake something (
Sun Feb 20 13:07:33 2005

Ok new to the boared... i am orignaly from Michigan i was seeing a doc out of Uof m very good hosiptial was getting the help i needed however i started to feel better and went off my meds and moved... I did really well for about 6 months however in the last few months i noticed that my pain is back and that it seems to be getting worse. I am now in OKlahoma and i keep getting shuffled from doctor to doctor.. which is fine with me but i have had nearly every test ran and of couse nothing shows up ... my current doc did a cat scan (joy and fun) and said that if nothing showed up in this that he was going to refer me to a surgeon that is where my problem lies..

I physically can't have another surgery i had adhesion surgey in july of 03 and was told that the next one could either kill me or cuase me permant problems (colostomy) my scar tissue has adhered everything from my stomach down thru my pelvis due to 4 previous major surgerys.....Waht i am looking for is does anyone know of a new option to remove adhesions or is there a doctor in oklahoma?

Sorry this is so long it took me forever to find people that were having the same problems i thought for along time i was alone and thats why docotrs didn't understand what i was going thru


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