Abdominal adhesion problems

From: lynn (lynn_p01@netzero.com)
Tue Feb 15 17:52:17 2005

I've had abdominal adhesions for almost eight years. These resulted from a hysterectomy in 6/96 and from an incisional hernia repair, which resulted from the hysterectomy, done in 3/97. I have had irregular colon function since right after the hernia repair, resulting in worsening constipation over time. I'm chronically impacted every day and always feel very uncomfortable. This has caused bad circulation in both my legs, resulting in reddish brown hard dry flaky skin around the bottom portions of both legs.

My inner and outer ankles on my left foot are swollen almost all day, every day, and sometimes both my ankles on my right foot swell also. My left leg seems somewhat swollen towards the bottom of my left leg.

My body is always toxic and it's very uncomfortable to bend over when trimming my toenails, walking, and doing household chores, etc. Does anyone else with abdominal adhesions have these problems? What do you do to keep yourself regular? Also, I have a lot of very bad bloating all the time. Does anyone know of a really competent surgeon who is skilled at removing adbominal adhesions through laparoscopy? Do you know of any surgeons who can do this type of surgery here in Phoenix, Arizona or anywhere in the country?

Thanks, Lynn

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