To have surgery or not

From: Christine Petrie (
Thu Feb 10 08:30:36 2005

Hi Everyone,

I have a problem with adhesions, having suffered for years with Endo.

I have had all the usual operations , hysterctomy, removal of overies etc, and a further operation to remove surgical swabs which ahd wrapped around the bowel.

In 2003 I hd my gallbaldder removed due to stones and terrible pain and the pain contiued so further invesigations revealeda diverticluar on the stomach so another operation was preformed to remove this.

Now I have the most terrible pain back and upper stomach. I have been told I have a thick band of adhsions on my right side and this could be causing the pain and now I also have had 3 partail obstructuions in 2 months.

I look pregnant and am sick of peolpe asking when the baby is due .

I am going to see the surgeon next week. I feel I need to have another operation to make sure that the adhsions are not affecting any major organs and also to get releive. I know that is not the long term answer but I need peace of mind and some pain free months.

Does anyone have any advice

Love to all


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