Bunching from adhesions?

From: Kristen Drake (klban@yahoo.com)
Sat Feb 5 20:31:58 2005

Although I had a complete hysterectomy due to severe endometriosis 12 years, I have been very lucky in terms of continual pain and bother from adhesions. However, about 6 months ago I began to notice these strange and often painful feelings in my lower abdomen and stomach area that were often accompanied by actual lumps or protrusions that I could see and feel. The last one was so bad that I had to actually carefully, painfully push it back in.

I went to my physician immediately and she sent me to a surgeon for a possible hernia repair. After examining me and a cat scan I had taken a year agoa, he felt certain that I did not have a hernia and that we might consider adhesions as a source of this pain. He was very honest about the risks involved in surgically dealing with these adhesions and I have always been aware that surgery = more adhesions. Ever since thislast "protrusion" I have had a constant dull pain in that area, constant nausea, and very painful bowel movements accompanied by mucus. I have never had these symptoms before! I actually think I can live with the pain and other symptoms but these bunchings freak me out! How serious is this?

Thanks, Kristen D.

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